A Woman Dentist Can Be Two Things, Who And What She Wants

Upcoming Courses for Women Dentists

Women in Dentistry Finale Event

Tuesday, October 02, 2018   •   3 CEUs

Meet, greet, and engage with powerful women in dentistry who share the same challenges and circumstances as you. Form community and connections during this enjoyable evening out with friends.

This presentation will cover the current state of women in leadership positions in healthcare and how that compares to other industries, identify the gaps that exist between male and female healthcare leaders (income, academic and hospital leadership, practice ownership), explore the reasons for those gaps, and describe strategies and leadership traits and skills, for women healthcare leaders to pursue, in order to close those gaps.

Learning Objectives:
1. Current data on gender, income, leadership positions and satisfaction trends of female practitioners as compared to males participating in the health care system (from students to mature practitioners).
2. Possible explanations for observed trends, understanding the variables that influence these trends.
3. Professional strategies for closing the gaps between female and male healthcare practitioners
4. Identify meaningful personal and organizational strategies and goals to assure professional equity between male and female practitioners through guided discussion among the participants   Read More [+]